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The somewhat cold weather allows a trench or light jacket to keep warm while each exhale already embraces the cool air with a light fume.


Our trip to Tuscany: Castiglion Del Bosco wine estate. Rosewood hotels. Luce.

Only a 5 and half hour car ride from Monaco, the Village of Montalcino was the perfect…

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Cyprus: Could it become the “new” playground for the rich and famous.

Coming from London the flight was four and half hours, as usual within the EU if the duration of the flight time doesn’t exceed 5 hours


All things 80’s. Neon. Biker short. The mighty platform. Scrunchie. Which do we want to stay?

Lately it seems we are all to look like we came flying out of an 80’s aerobics video, with less spandex and more lace of course.


All nice and everything spice.

Every last week of November I get asked the same question: “Why are celebrating??


Secrets of a 5 star Chef: Simone Martinelli.

Simone Martinelli is not your ordinary chef. He is a man with a palette second to none…

Health + Fitness

Body shaming goes both ways…

There is only one ideal. The one YOU create. The one you want.


Cliché believer: Beautiful at ANY Age

It gets tiring hearing the same conversation over and over. It seems the age-old question…

Health + Fitness

Hiking trend

Summer 2021 social media was filled with photos
and stories of trendy personas and big City…

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