Charter flights having been flying off the hook… or have they?

Private jet hires are the top of luxury when it comes to travel. 

Health + Fitness

You can park wherever you like… not.

Some would argue that no priority should be given to the expecting ladies, while others argue otherwise, regardless designated parking spaces are to be used only by the people they are assigned for, however should there be a wider pool of individuals given priorities to? 

Health + Fitness

New years resolutions: Gym membership for a day.

 Here are five suggestions on how to keep your New Year’s fitness resolutions. The first mistake I see people making over and over is


My Michelin Worthy… Or Not, Dish

Here is my Michelin worthy dish. Or was it?? Now, it is time to taste – watch our video below to find out! Let me know!

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Five star help or five star headache?

Five star help or five star headache? This one will make many of you laugh and piss many of you off.


The botanist.

The botanist: Now more than ever florals are in, in, in. Even more than the baggy jeans and hoodies.


I am woman… hear me roar… In colors too bright to ignore.

In colors too bright to ignore: Never in history has the female population had as much power and as loud a voice as we do now


Daniel Lee’s Bottega.

This is how my love affair with Bottega Veneta started. A love affair that clearly wasn’t meant to be as soon I came to realize it wasn’t with Bottega it was with the new creative director Daniel Lee.


Hair care: masks to try this season.

Despite, the fact that our hair is ever renewing, as it doesn’t really stop growing ... it can be a great addition to the hair care routine for 2 weeks at a time every 3-6 months.

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