All things 80’s. Neon. Biker short. The mighty platform. Scrunchie. Which do we want to stay?

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

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Lately, it seems we are all to look like we came flying out of an 80’s aerobics video, with less spandex and more lace of course. We can all agree that it is a big comeback in fashion, and fashionistas everywhere are adopting the craze more than just enthusiastically. The breathtaking electric yellows, the neon pinks, and now the latest green shades resembling a radioactive substance. It goes without saying that SS21 you could leave your house looking like an iPhone app icon and you were pretty much on point.

Of course, there are a few other trends from that era that have made a glorious return, such as the biker short and oversized t-shirt or shirt cinched at the waist with a belt. Yes, yes, that outfit Gossip Girls favorite granny CeeCee was wearing down Lily’s memory lane, in Valley Girls episode S2E24. In fact, that episode is a great homage to what todays’ fashion dictates. There is something so sophisticated, yet relaxed about that look, that it has been a personal obsession of mine all summer and still is. Whether you want to dress it up or dress it down, the possibilities are endless. Aside from the aesthetic value, it is the comfort that celebrities, influencers and other vogueish individuals will not be giving up easily. Having had a glimpse into the SS22 collections, you ladies can rest assured that the biker short is in for at least another season, I believe maybe even longer.

Now the mighty platform is not your regular comeback, it was a whole event. The Versace satin platforms were the talk of FW21 fashion week, definitely one of the most reported on trends of the season. I of course jumped at the opportunity to order this magnificent pair and waited a whole 2 months for its delivery. Unlike the regular black leather pumps from the show, these satin babies were available upon order, and maybe a pair or two at the boutiques. My husband was not amused, in fact the phrase “are you seriously going to buy that?” was used several times. As they say: “If your man doesn’t like it, you know its high fashion”. Many brands followed the platform shoes craze, one of them was Maison Valentino, that released Haute Couture, yes you read that right… Couture platform shoes and boots, during their SS21 couture show. With limited production, only available to exclusive clientele who have first dibs on everything new and limited, unless exclusively ordered these styles were presented only at Valentino boutiques in Milan, Rome and Monaco. Just one of each size existed, so it was a game of luck if the given boutique would even have your size. Needless to say, these were the talk of the town. Some, not well acquainted with this release were confused at how a conservative and classic fashion house dared produce something so decadent, others compared it to stripper shoes… LOL clearly not the most unconventional of individuals. And others like yours truly, were in absolute awe. There is just no other word for it. WOW! WOW! WOW!

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Of course, last but not least… the Scrunchie. Now some trends… should have stayed in the past. No matter how many designers produce the scrunchie I believe they belong in the bathroom. An exception can be made by the pool or at the beach. I mean really, does anyone even like the way that thing looks?? I admittedly bought a few for when I am by the pool and have silk ones for bedtime as they don’t crease my hair, but that is about as far as the scrunchie goes with me. If anyone believes in making or breaking an outfit… trust me, the scrunchie breaks it.

I am sure there is no disagreement that neon colors, biker shorts and massive platforms are uplifting, and funky. The vivid shades almost electrify any outfit and immediately give a sporty or rock’n’roll touch. Two at first glance opposite impressions, although in reality before the hit return of the fluorescent mode, a neon pink or toxic green stripe was a common find in gothic heavy metal loving teenagers or even rock stars from, again… the 80’s. Or on the opposite end of the stick, was always a common occurrence in gym clothes, especially when you counter in the biker short as the two trends go hand in hand. I am no psychologist, but there must be a correlation between how our brain registers the latest boom and the perceptions we are used to. Regardless. Being a devotee myself to everything “it”, of course I implement these latest trends in my daily wear, and I can’t help but notice how it brings a smile to the faces of random people on the street. Just like a painter uses a canvas to capture his vision, fashionistas allow designers to portray their own vision to the mass public in close proximity, and their artform becomes reachable.

Having finished a photoshoot, I was discussing the editorial I styled with an older lady who is well acquainted with fashion and art, she drew a parallel that, I now realize is accurate. Whenever hard times hit, art becomes eclectic and conveys in its brightest form. Fashion is no exception. It cannot be a coincidence that during one of the worst pandemics the World has seen, designers brought back old trends in futuristic manners. Artists are combining the past and the future. The old trends bring to mind happy, carefree times, and the futuristic delivery gives the onlooker a chance to look forward to better times ahead.