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Andronikos “THE ANIMAL” Evripidou

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

Three-time Champion of Cyprus in Muay Thai, MTGP National Champion, WMO European Amateur Champion, USMTA Pro Am Champion, CFC Champion and World Champion at SuperMuayThai 4 main tournament at Workpoint Channel in Bangkok, Thailand. A man of inexplicably kind nature, a loving father, and an extremely talented athlete – one cannot be indifferent to. Andronikos Evripidou is that man. A bright star of sensational skills. 

Most athletes start their careers before they can even walk, especially when it comes to sports such as martial arts, however Andronikos is that rare phenomenon – an individual that started not only his career but the introduction to the fighting style only at 21 years old. Soon after he started his training it didn’t take long before he caught up with the industry and started participating in tournaments and winning. At this point it wasn’t a game of catch up, the industry took an interest in him. With 30 wins and only 6 losses – he became the pride and joy of Cyprus. Nicknamed “the animal” at 75kg and 178cm he became number 1 fighter in his category under Master Kyriakos Christofi.

Unfortunately, the pandemic took its toll on the careers of up-and-coming fighters, due to which Evripidou was unable to compete for two years, nevertheless religiously maintained his training which allowed him to re-emerge with success. 5th of December Andronikos will participate in the CFC Cyprus Fighting Championship and Evripidou is not planning to stop there. He has big dreams of one day soon winning the WBC World Champion belt, the WMO Champion belt and return to the ONE CHAMPIONSHIP in Osaka which he was signed up to fight in, but the event was cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

Lifestylepop is a supporter of the martial arts, boxing, kickboxing and different forms of wrestling as well as Andronikos Evripidou. We look forward to his future victories! 

Follow his progress @andronikos_evripidou