By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

So, I love to throw a nice party, always have. I build the concept of the décor and menu around a chosen theme which is best suited for the event. The dress code most of the time stays within the cocktail or black-tie category although sometimes it also calls for casual chic. For months I was itching to organize a masquerade party, but no appropriate occasion was on the horizon, until we got closer to fall. Halloween like no other day in the calendar calls for a masked party, but what if the masks don’t have to immature, ridiculously executed replicas of scary film characters or even worse sexy kittens and witches? What if one can organize a decadent, classy Halloween party? But the day itself calls for something mysterious, enigmatic and a little creepy, so of course a masquerade was the perfect option. Even if the focal point of the vent is guests covering their faces with ornamental venetian masks, there should be a theme that is followed through the event.

  After a somewhat long depiction of films and performance art pieces that may include masks such as the drowning man, I opted for the blockbuster ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. A film basically about nothing, showcasing the sexually dramatized 1990’s when erotica and films of this nature were most common. The plot line follows a young ‘up and coming’ doctor who accidentally ends up at a private sex party, which is not only a massive luxury orgy but also a sadistic and satanic sacrificial event. Yes, ridiculous – but definitely very sexy since the girls are to say the least hot and to say the most gorgeous (even though we cannot see their faces), and of course everyone is wearing masks, as they need to hide their identity while participating in group sex. LOL! The film quite literally leaves the viewer with no sense of emotion. Of course, I appreciated Nicole’s ‘tripping’ performance after smoking a joint in white underwear and tank top – it was great artistic work and she looked overwhelmingly exquisite. But where is the climax scene?? Regardless, viewer satisfaction, was not what I was after when watching Eyes Wide Shut – I was after inspiration. And bingo! I had my theme. It had aesthetic elegance, it had sex and it had blood – now that’s a mind-blowing and classy Halloween concept.

  The incorporation of this theme into a party had to be more than just décor and music. I decided this was the time to go all out. Performance art and live performances are a weakness of mine, thankfully there is a type of performance that can fit into quite literally any scenario. I realized that an eyes wide shut party must reimagine the film, since I already had all the guests coming in masks all I needed was the performers who would bring this theme to life. Since I was NOT planning to organize a sex party contrary to what many believed – booking exotic dancers was the next best thing. Historically cabarets, and performances in famous venues such as Lido Paris, Crazy Horse, and others have featured many dance and performance acts with topless dancers, both female and male. The program at these venues is showcased in an erotic manner and permissible age of entry is 6-12 years old.

  Cabarets originated in the 1800’s – theatre venues that housed a vast variety of performers and entertainers including stand-up comedians, poets, dancers, singers and actors – sometimes all in one. Patrons would normally sit at a table wining and dining while enjoying the show which could be performed on a stage or also become interactive. It has always been a leisurely pastime for the wealthy. In fact, it was the way Rudolphe Salis brought together the rich and famous with the artists of different calibers and genres. Nothing has changed today. Just like in the 1800’s any stand up comedy is often full of jokes about politics, fun is being made of the upper classes and the famous – and funnily we all eat it up and laugh at ourselves as well. The only caveat is that modern artists can also be rich nowadays. At that time fame and success only belonged to an artist after their demise. Nevertheless, the brief history of cabaret is hardly the thesis of this article. It is the showcase of decadent performances that has never been considered taboo, which suddenly in the 21st Century, (at that time) approaching 2022 shocked people and shook them to their core! If you ask me THAT IS the taboo, not the actual show.

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