Cliché believer: Beautiful at ANY Age

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

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It gets tiring hearing the same conversation over and over. It seems the age-old question of how to escape the reality of time, affects not only the 35 pluses. In recent years I am in more shock than ever, when I hear young girls discussing beauty products and even treatments to look young. Even, more disturbing is the constant chase of these “ideals” which don’t even exist. Has anyone really met a woman in her 60’s who looks 45…? I assume not, and why should they? The ridiculous notion that pumping your face with hyaluronic acid will help you look young, is just bizarre. In fact, it makes one look swollen, which is perfectly normal, given the substance itself is water. On top of the fact that the young girls who use an excessive amount of fillers, in reality look older. I am not against beauty procedures and treatments, on the contrary I am very much for it and am a consumer myself. I rely on a number of beauty treatments to keep my face hydrated and toned and debloated. Recently, I have been introduced to face gym (yes, I know, late to the party), which is actually just a fancy word for a face massage, which I already did around bedtime after applying my night mask anyways. When discussing it with a friend over coffee I got laughed at! Face gym might be great for early 30’s but after a while, you basically need heavy artillery to stay young, she implied. This did not sit well with me at all, and if truth be told inclined me to write this article.

A gorgeous woman, with perfectly proportioned features with age will of course lose the natural plumpness of the skin, and even develop wrinkles… what a surprise. By no means does this evolution of appearance through time lead to her becoming any less beautiful, on the contrary, often striking features are even more emphasized with age. Many women become more attractive with the maturity they embrace and develop a certain elegance that demands respect. Onlookers are immediately attracted to statuesque beauty, which younger girls, are yet to possess. I myself am still quite young and am often mistaken to be even younger than I am, and I have a strong admiration for women past the age of 45 who are not aspiring to me, but in actual fact, compel me to aspire to them. I am sure many girls reading this, are now thinking of that one movie they watched or that random woman they saw sipping her glass of wine at a cute street café, thinking “I wish I am like that when I am older”.
I may be wrong, but I am positive that such thoughts never cross anyone’s mind seeing a 60-year-old lady pumped with fillers, dressed head to toe in OFF WHITE.

ever changing beauty

Now, I am not vilifying fillers. As mentioned earlier I am a supporter of all beauty hacks that can improve a woman’s or even
a man’s appearance. The point is that sometimes it is far from an improvement, and in reality, is doing a disservice.

Some believe that a better result is achieved by small invasive treatments. Which in actual fact, seems plausible. I personally know a number of women who shy away from fillers but have had some surgical work done, and the results are immaculate.
I am a strong believer in personal choice, so if opting for assistance in slowing down the effects of time. Surgery is definitely
the more difficult and the more expensive choice but is likely to also be the more worthwhile one.

It saddens me that even nowadays, in a World where women have come so far socially, politically, financially and in a number
of other ways, we are so fixated on this battle, we all know for a fact, we cannot win. Beauty is ever changing, which means
a woman of any age can be seen as beautiful. Looking good for your age should not translate to looking young. In point of fact looking good for one’s age is an individual who takes care of her skin, body and health. My urge with this article, is to shed light on beauty practices which will definitely take care of your skin and result in a well pampered look. But by no means should it be about cheating your age. It is impossible so stop wasting your time.