Daniel Lee’s Bottega.

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

  Bottega Veneta has always been one of those brands I avoid. In fact, even when the intrecciato weaved bag was the ‘it’ item around 10 years ago, I never understood the hype. It reminded me of my grandmother’s purse. Yes, it is perfectly crafted, and the highest quality of leather is used to produce this incredibly expensive piece but to me that is hardly enough to buy a bag. Completely unaware of any changes in the creative direction of Bottega Veneta as the brand hardly interested me, I suddenly found myself seeing Bottega pieces that I wouldn’t disregard at first sight. I even remember telling myself “No, you cannot like that, its Bottega”, but as a twist of faith I ended up buying 2 pairs of the Lido sandals in white and blue. I fell in love with them. This is how my love affair with Bottega Veneta started. A love affair that clearly wasn’t meant to be as soon I came to realize it wasn’t with Bottega it was with the new creative director Daniel Lee. I found myself attracted to almost everything the brand produced including the puddle boots and cassette bag with the thick chain. And of course, let’s not forget the ultimate piece – the pouch. An oversized pouch clutch that holds everything you may need for the day and is fluid enough to hold at the top or just under your arm pit. Both the mini and oversized Jodie bags were a marvelous and dare I say a genius way of revamping the tired old-school styles of the Bottega classic intecciato weave. Again, let me remind you. Not a fan of the brand.

Daniel Lee’s Bottega

  Not I, nor anyone else can undermine the tailoring and craftsmanship of the fabulous fashion house, however when it comes to the iconic pieces, Daniel Lee may have left but his designs will remain a Bottega Veneta triumph for years to come.

  When I found out on the 5th of November (that’s when the news had reached me), that Daniel Lee is stepping down as the creative director of Bottega Veneta, my first thought was I don’t know who his successor will be, but I truly hope the company keeps producing the pieces that not only put Bottega Veneta on the radar again but made it one of the most successful and trendiest brands of the last few years. The way Hermes keeps producing ‘the Jypsiere bag’ that Jean Paul Gaultier designed during his time as creative director of womenswear, I truly hope Bottega Veneta will continue to produce the key pieces created by the most talented British designer and creative director Danial Lee. I will continue to wear his pieces and cannot wait to see where this exceptionally gifted man lands.