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Eleni Foureira – a force to be reckoned with

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

“There is nothing wrong with being naked or sexy!”

Upon meeting Eleni I was immediately taken with her soft yet powerful demeanor. Friendly yet statuesque, she was easy going and light but still demanding and dominant, I knew Eleni Foureira is a force to be reckoned with. A woman of exceptional beauty and talent, she instantly lights up any room she enters with her warm and spirited charm. A formidable and dynamic woman that is good-humoured enough not take herself too seriously. When you meet Eleni in person, you know you have met a star!

Arriving on the dot, Eleni proved herself the professional everyone believes her to be, honest, fast and reciprocating it does not take a genius to understand that the force behind her success is hard work. I wanted to get to know the person behind the screen, the backstage Eleni Foureira. What are her views, what is her lifestyle and routine outside her work. A powerful woman with looks to kill, unapologetically owning her sexuality in a male dominated society – Eleni knows who she is and what she wants. Speaking to this remarkable woman was both easy and pleasant, I can honestly say she is somebody I will hold in high regard for many years to come.

This is probably a question you have been asked countless times but… How did you get into music? Was it a childhood dream and goal? Or did you see yourself doing something else?

Of course, it was my childhood dream and goal. Even though I grew up studying other subjects I knew that in the end I will do what I love. Music is my life, and I wouldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. In fact, when I was a child and told my mom that I am going to be a big star, she would always laugh and say “what am I going to do with this child”. Of course, at that time she didn’t believe I was going to make it, even though I spent my days dancing and singing and posing in front of the mirror all day. (we both chuckled)

The music business is still a very male dominated industry, how do you find working within it? Does it come easy, or do you often see representatives of the industry trying to take advantage of you?

I think things are changing right now, I don’t think it’s just male dominated anymore. A lot of women own positions now. We even have female politicians and World leaders. We are finally living in a world where women are obtaining power. Of course, as woman there are many more obstacles we face when reaching our goals, not that I want to say it was difficult for me in that sense, but we still need to work a little harder. For me there is no such a thing as man or woman… we are all humans, and we are either talented and we work hard, or we aren’t. I don’t believe this is related to our gender. And if your good at what you do you have to be where you belong regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man.

Completely agree with your last point! We live in a world where sexual objectification of women is taken seriously. In western society particularly many men in high positions within show business have lost their careers and families because many stars have come out with claims. You, being a beautiful woman in show business must have an opinion on this. Do you feel sexually objectified? Or do you own your sexuality and believe that your power is within it? What are your thoughts on the topic?

This is very true and very upsetting. I am glad that all these stories are finally coming out, because ten or fifteen years ago not many women would shed light on such atrocious things because of the fear of losing their jobs or positions. Even famous women were afraid and ashamed to come out with the truth. So, the information that is coming out now is simply the hidden truth of many years. This must be stopped because women are not playthings or objects. We are powerful, we are beautiful. We have nothing to be ashamed of! We can wear whatever we want and be proud, we shouldn’t be afraid to be objectified because of the length of our skirt. Often when I wear sexy looks the public reacts in certain ways, commenting that I was naked, and? Why can a man be topless and portray his body, abs and sexuality but a woman cannot? There is nothing wrong with being naked or sexy! We as women need to continue changing things, it is a long process and we need more women to speak up and be proud of who they are and own themselves.

You have a very strong voice on this subject! I completely agree with you and have myself been objectified on many occasions regarding the skin I show. We need more women like you Eleni. (both chuckle) Let’s speak a little more about you. What is next for you? Your upcoming plans, you have recorded quite a few songs in English, is this because you are aiming to appeal to the western market?

After Eurovision song contest, my life and career took a turn. I started looking at the European market as well, so naturally I recorded more songs in English, but as with the rest of the World Covid19 stopped a lot of plans and prospects for many. 

Right now, the Greek market is my number one priority, but I will still pursue other markets and record more songs in English.

You should!! I love your song ‘light it up’ it has been in my head for days (chuckle)
I as well as our readers want to know about you. Your lifestyle. Can you tell us what does your daily routine/schedule look like outside your work schedule?

People often think that my life is just glamour and fun, and all I need to do is look pretty. The reality is anything, but that. I work very long hours. My day starts from early morning to the point that on some days I don’t get to even enjoy a cup of coffee. To be honest I would say that at the moment my schedule is too intense. I want to find some more time for myself and my friends, to be able to enjoy my life a little more. But that’s  tough and I am too busy. My schedule is so diverse from day to day that of course, I don’t have the luxury of a routine for now. There are days I leave home at 10 a.m. and get back at 2 a.m.

I see. Of course, I would not expect it to be any different. You must be very fit to be able to handle such a lifestyle. Do you work out regularly? You have a beautiful athletic body. How do you keep in shape?

Yes, I work out regularly. It’s a part of my lifestyle, given my job it is a necessity. I am a performer so I dance and sing at the same time, so my body is used to high levels of exertion, so of course, I work out to keep in shape 3-4 times a week. I keep it diverse though, I always find a different form of exercise. For a few years, I did cross fit as well. I work out – it is my life

It shows… Your body is fantastic! What about diet? Do you follow any? Do you detox?

I don’t usually follow any diet. I love food and I am a foodie so of course, I eat everything I want. I do regulate the quantity of course, if I see my passion for food is getting the better of me, I start cutting the quantity of the food, but never actual dieting. I don’t even know the work diet if I am honest. I do drink a lot of water of course. Water, water, water. It is the best thing for you.

Agreed… gonna sip some as we speak (chuckle) What are your favorite clothing brands at the moment?

I have so mnay favorites but for right now, Jean Paul Gaultier for sure. Bottega Venetta, Miu Miu, Prada, Raf Simons. Some new brands that I wear a lot recently like Jade Cropper or Sergio Castano Pena. I can’t think of any other ones. But yea I would say that these are my favorites right now.

We share many of the favorites. What about travel destinations? What are your favorites? (covid times excluded)

Haha of course covid times excluded. I love Madrid, Spain. I am in love with that place, no matter how many times I have been there, it remains my favorite.

What about your skincare routine?  You have flawless skin. Any favorite brands you stay loyal to? Or do you like to mix it up?

I like to mix it up, definitely. My favorite skin care is drinking water – it helps a lot. Regularly cleaning my face and moisturizing is very important to me. I cannot sleep without taking my make up off, I want my skin to breath. I use a lot of masks. I use different ones as I always try different ones. I can start a skincare brand and once I am done, I switch to something new or different.

Oh wow! Maybe changing the brands regularly is your secret then! Ok, since this is a December issue and it is Christmas, I am going to ask what are your Christmas plans? How do you normally spend it? what is on your Santa letter?? Anything particular that you are expecting from your loved ones?

Christmas, Christmas… this Christmas I will likely be working as usual on Christmas, so I will be on stage. But I enjoy it, so I’m still doing what I love. I don’t have a santa letter per say, the one thing I am wishing for is to spend time with my loved ones with my family and to enjoy this moment with them. Christmas for me is memories. So, every year you make new ones.

Could not have said it better myself.

Finally. What would you wish to your fans and our readers this year for Christmas and New Year’s?

I wish my fans and whoever is reading this, to first be healthy and happy. To be proud of who they are. To my fellow ladies I wish to be sexy and beautiful the way they want to be. To be proud of themselves as they are. I wish them all the best, luck and happiness this year.

Thank you Eleni. It was wonderful to speak to you openly, you are truly an inspiration to many and especially young girls who need every reassurance that everything is possible and you give them that. Thank you. I wish you all the very best this life has to offer! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. xxx