Elli Kokkinou: natural beauty? 

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

  An interview that was rescheduled many times over and was near not happening, but those who know me, know, that, if I have set my mind to something it is next to impossible for me not to get it done. Force Majeure situations excluded of course. The weeks of negotiating with the ‘I must admit not the easiest going’ Kokkinou team, it became a point for me to get this feature in as planned, simply for the amount of time it had already wasted so naturally, this time I had spent had to pay for itself one way or another. Beauty is a subjective term – in modern society especially, but when it comes to natural beauty there is little dispute – Elli Kokkinou is a natural beauty.

 I have previously written about the concept of beauty at any age ‘Cliché believer’

 Arriving to my studio right on schedule our team was ready to work their magic, turned out Elli was that magic. Just off a flight from Athens, without a shred of make-up, she looked incredibly fresh. A beautiful and polite woman who is well aware of her worth and effect on people, my team was immediately taken with her. Her snow-white smile that did not wash off her face, golden locks and genuinely happy demeanor lightened the entire Lifestylepop Headquarters and studio. 

  Given my previously written about stance on beauty and invasive beauty practices I was adamant on getting Elli for our beauty category (even if dealing with her manager was an utter headache) because of her refreshingly natural complexion. Now as I previously mentioned during our interview which you can watch on our YouTube channel LifestylepopTV often those who look natural have in fact had more work done than those who look dolled up. Elli looks natural, she looks real and more than anything achievable. I believe her natural look is something to aspire to when reaching your 50’s. Having said that I am hoping that she gave us honest answers regarding her practices. Since this was not an investigative interview I chose not to dig, as my goal was to have a comfortable and honest chat which would result in many adopting the given routines. I was intrigued by the ‘icy facial’ routine, but I am willing to give it a try, unfortunately she failed to explain whether this was an effective beauty hack and if it is worth trying, all she left me with is that she has parted with that habit. 

  If I am honest as easy an interview as it was, probably one of LifestylepopTV’s lightest, yet least intriguing guests. I expected an energetic woman who would give a realistic and open truthful answer regarding everything and anything beauty, in reality we had quite a forced interaction of some good acting for the screen. I expected someone who would share experience and expertise on how to take care of skin, not to be afraid to experiment, instead she advised us all to stay natural. Of course, perhaps the mistake was on my part as the journalist that I did not push the conversation further but as I respect my interviewees and other guests, I also acknowledge their boundaries and the sense that Elli was wildly uncomfortable and nervous from the start of the interview was apparent to my eye. Whether the reason was that there was a language barrier or other, we will never know. All in all, my team and I enjoyed our day with Elli – she is a warm and kindhearted, beautiful woman, unfortunately the same cannot be said for her manager.

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