Hair care: masks to try this season.

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

  Despite, the fact that our hair is ever renewing, as it doesn’t really stop growing, it is also one of the most fragile aspects of our self-care. Our hair is prone to breaking and drying regardless of the season, whether it is in the summer as a result of our days spent on the beach and the sea salt and sun quite literally burning our locks, or the winter cold months that dehydrate and dry our ends just the same. Not to mention the fact that in the winter we get way more blow dries than we do in the summer, which contributes to breakage and a generally tired looking mane. Many factors contribute to hair dryness – the overuse of shampoo and conditioner also negatively affects our hair, so this is a peculiar subject to begin with, but as with my face skin, I believe a good mask goes a long way and our hair is in need of constant treatment as long as we don’t overdo it. Here is a list of hair masks to try in the new year from our beauty consultant:

hair care masks


Advertised as an intensive repair mask VEGETAL KERATIN, is vegan friendly and produced using 91% natural ingredients. Instantly instigates trust and for better or worse the packaging delivers a certain trust in the result. Talk about good marketing… however, the foil covering stops one from being able to scent the product before buying which isn’t ideal when selecting hair care products. Nevertheless, the result was anything but disappointing. Gives off a sweet and sour aroma reminiscent of ‘Turbo’ chewing gum. The consistency of the mask is very thick which consequently reduces the amount used for treatment, hence, is quite economical. Best applied on clean towel dried hair for 10 minutes, it is recommended to even blow dry the hair after application, the unfortunate twist – it is not a leave in treatment and needs to be washed out, so it may be too much of a hassle for the busy woman. The result nonetheless was as promised, the dry ends were hydrated and smoothed out, and it gave the hair a healthy shine.

Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine

At a first glance the rose gold packaging seemed like the epitome of luxurious hair care. It seemed that this mask is the product we have all been waiting for, well… impressions can be false. A massive jar for just 200ml of product, which is not very practical in terms of storage or travel. The mask itself is a rich brown with goldish undertones with a deliciously sweet but strong scent. The aroma really depends on taste. The product is quite thick, as soon as applied the hair feels hardened, which is not a pleasant feeling, plus after washing, it was difficult to brush through the hair. Would suggest using this mask in between the shampoo and conditioner, as recommended by our beauty consultant – this way the hair is left soft, and the dry ends feel healthier. We would not write off this treatment completely, it can be a great addition to the hair care routine for 2 weeks at a time every 3-6 months.

Diego dalla Palma Hi-Gloss Mask 200ml

At a first glance the cheap looking packaging puts one off even considering this one, but the pleasant almond aroma pushes one to give it a try. A runny mask which in turn leads to using more of the product at a time. The result is anything but impressive, nothing more than the same outcome one can expect from their daily conditioner. Advertised as high gloss mask for dull and opaque hair however no such effect was achieved. We would not recommend this mask.

Marlies Moller Pashmisilk Luxury Silky Cream Mask 125ml

The jar reminds you of a moisturizer. And that is exactly what this hair mask is. A cream moisturizer for your hair. The quantity of the product can give the impression that it won’t be worth the money, but because the consistency of the mask is creamy it doesn’t ask for much product when applied. This mask felt incredibly luxurious, it softened the hair, infused it with moisture and made them silky. We would not recommend this mask before a blow dry, moreover an up-do as the hair become too soft and will cause difficulty when styling but it is the perfect treatment before a lazy day at home.