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Hiking trend

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

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“As true aristocrats in August you flee to the Mountains.”

Summer 2021 social media was filled with photos and stories of trendy personas and big City residents on hiking trails in
almost every part of the World. Every other new post was likely to be from a camping sight in either Switzerland, France, Caucasus, or Utah. Beautiful men and women, models and developers all geared up, scaling trails, and resting at base camps, while benefiting from mesmerizing views not otherwise accessible. Pure joy triggered by the simplest but most powerful of phenomena’s – nature. Most of these social media accounts belonged to individuals not likely to be caught dead on a mountain or camping by the river. It was clear, this was the latest getaway trend in as they call it ‘Covid times’. A pretty natural choice for those who were looking to avoid a crowd and still travel. Funnily enough this is one hype that is likely to stick around. Here’s why…

As our readers are well aware, people willing to spend are often some of the most diverse and intelligent of individuals. Moreover, given their unlimited resources, they are keen on obtaining new skills, and finding new ways to keep healthy while on holiday.
So obviously trying out a new destination with the latest fitness craze does not seem like a far reach for someone who attends the gym regularly, always in search of something new and entertaining. Since money is not an issue, representatives of high society will happily spend tens and hundreds of thousands of euros on a trip filled with a few hours of hiking, followed by a deep tissue massage at their luxury hotel, especially if it is at a known little mountain village, that, they usually keep for their ski trips. Not to sound vulgar but also there is the factor of herd mentality, if one does it, others will follow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if humans were any different none of the service industries would operate, given most of it is by word of mouth, especially among the wealthy. No one trusts advertising anymore.

hiking trend

Hiking in itself is a truly beautiful pass time. It does wonders for both mental and physical health, it provides enough physical exertion to be exhausted by the end of the day, while also maintains a clear mind as a result of the fresh air at higher altitudes and concentration needed not to miss a step. In addition to the beauty of the surroundings, is magnificent. Trekking is available in a vast variety of levels, and must be suitable to the hiker’s fitness level, age and other factors that should be identified by the tour guide leading the hike.

hiking climb trails

With a wide range of trails, whether it is an altitude climb, a decent, or a flat walk around a lake or through a forest it can be tiring even for the fittest individuals due to the weight of the backpack and duration of the trek, as most good trails are at a minimum of 2 hours. It is a beautiful activity to enjoy for the entire family whether with children, or elderly. You just need to find the right trail.