Holiday Make Up from Savvas Savva

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

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Quite early in the morning I had already done my hair and was eagerly waiting for this man I was so strongly recommended as ‘the best of the best’ they said. Right on time I got the whatsapp message from my housekeeper that my appointment had arrived. Walking into the room I immediately identified his polished demeanor, fully dressed in black, his hair and beard were perfectly groomed. As he came closer, I scented the slight powdery cologne he was wearing, which was ideal for such work as it wasn’t overbearing in such close proximity to the client. He conducted himself in a composed manner, asking where he could set up and indicating he would need a few minutes. This gave me time to finish my coffee, before he started on my make up. When called in to take a seat I did not expect he had brough his own high-chair – this was a delightful surprise as clearly, I was dealing with a professional. The moment he started my make up I noticed his astonishingly beautiful eyes and sculpted bone structure, I even remember telling him, we had a laugh. Savvas by all means had an aesthetic presence to a level that I had only noticed once before in a make-up artist. A very statuesque individual and his manner was just as graceful as his appearance. When the brush stroked my eyes, I barely felt the touch, it seemed as if a painter was working on a canvas. Upon completion, once I glanced in the mirror I was stunned for a few seconds, stunned that he was able to reproduce the plan we discussed and bring it to life so easily. The creativity he holds is unrivalled, always ready with new and inspiring ideas, Savvas knows beauty. Which is why, when deciding who is best to advise my readers on Holiday do’s and don’ts I couldn’t think of anyone better suited.

I am excited to share honest conversation with one of the most artistically gifted Make Up Artists that I have come across.

holiday eye make up

I have already mentioned my view point on you, can you elaborate on how you came to this aesthetic? How did you choose this life?

  I was always mesmerized by beauty. It gave me a thrill like nothing else. I was drawn to fashion and creativity. Ever since I remember myself, I painted portraits of women, so it was quite natural that I chose to become a MUA, I didn’t need to consider it, the universe took the decision for me.

It definitely shows in your work. What are you main objectives when it comes to your work?

I believe in my own aesthetic, in my philosophy and my brand and I try to make the best with what I have and what I can. I believe I my hard work and as long as I have that I trust life will take me where I need to be.

Very true. I agree with every word.  What are your most favorite and least favorite MU or beauty brands to work with?

I absolutely love La Mer, Armani, MAC, Lancome, Tom Ford, YSL, Estee Lauder, and Bobbi Brown. There are probably more brands I like to work with but these are at the top of my list.

And least favorite?

I will refrain from answering that question on record.

Haha I see. Ok, and what about your favorite and most hated things about your job?

Ugh, that’s easy. Creativity and communication. Meeting new people, new ideas, you know the drill. My most hated is definitely working weekends and being my own PA and agent… it gets crazy sometimes.

Im completely with you on that. I don’t know how you do it. What about easiest and most difficult clients, and why?

Of course, the easiest and favorite clients are the ones who let me lead the way. They communicate the end result they are after, show me the dress, describe the occasion and blindly trust me and let me do my thing. Its bliss to work with people like that.

The worst is when a client insists on giving me 100% direction and has an opinion on every step of the process. I am an artist I can deliver magic but only if you let me, if you try to cut my wings or cage me I cannot fly.

And you do deliver magic my friend. Lets talk Christmas! There are so many events and parties during this wonderful season. What are your recommendations on Holiday MU??

Well there are so many… I guess I would start with the basics. For evening make up I would say it is best to layer thin products as opposed to a quick application of heavy ones, especially true of foundations. It gives a more youthful look, and for this it is also best to minimize dark matte tones and focus primarily on the light, bright shades in order to achieve a fresh polished result. Use translucent fine powders, in order to lock in the dewiness of the skin, avoid using compact powders for evening make up. One rule I have mentioned before if anyone reading follows me, is DO NOT and I repeat do not line your lips with shades darker than the lipstick itself. The worst MU trend that ever existed.

For Christmas I would advise to decide on a focal point whether it is the eyes or the lips and replace black shadow with false lashes. It will give a clean effect of drama. Of course, highlight, highlight, highlight. The more the merrier. Best with a liquid highlighter but it depends on personal preferences. Don’t overuse gold tones though.

Any quick fix up suggestions if one is stranded at a party with not much artillery in their tiny evening clutch?

Haha sure!

Use a concealer on a cotton swab (it doesn’t take much space, neither does a concealer), and softly erase any smudge or creased lines cause by the eyeshadows or mascara.

Gently tap your face with a folded soft tissue (available at any party), to remove the excess oil and apply a thin layer of preferably loose powder.

A face mist always reunifies make up.

You can rub a bit of lipstick on your lips and even cheeks with your fingertips.

What is your most inspirational MU moment in popular culture?

You know I would say I need to think about it, but I don’t. The Maison Valentino Couture show SS19 MU done by Pat Mcgrath. I was in absolute shock. I was thrilled!! He did a smokey eye in a number of colors and shades with feathered eyelashes… it was legendary…

Mm yes when you showed me, I was in awe myself. What about your goals? plans? What is next for you?

I would love to be doing editorials abroad and social media content.

Could you be a little more specific?

I can see myself living in a city like Paris or Amsterdam because I love the aesthetic, and being able to make a living by editorial content in the fashion industry. Social media in the sense that whatever is “it”. I see. Well, with your talent and determination I don’t see anything getting in your way. I wish you the best of luck.