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February 7, 2022 BY: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lenush Lebedeva

Letter from the editor.

My most favorite day of the year is in February. Even if it is the coldest and perhaps the gloomiest month. It is when most Europeans take their ski trips and of course the most romantic day of the year is also in February. To me it speaks pink, red and purple even if it is winter. It seems it’s the most popular time for engagements and even anniversaries somehow. My parents’ anniversary was in fact in February, so perhaps that is the reason I have this association.

Regardless of February housing the widely celebrated International Day of Love and romance I hope to have given you a broader specter of topics. Topics that are rapidly increasing their popularity in modern society - crypto currencies, NFT’s, recycling, sustainable fashion and more.

Lifestylepop is not just about fashion, gourmet, fitness or beauty. It is about daily life. There is a story for every reader. Enjoy my February to you, and remember, Valentine’s Day is not just for those in a relationship, the most important relationship is the one with yourself so cherish that and fall in love with yourself every single day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all my dear poppers! xx