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December 6, 2021 BY: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lenush Lebedeva

Letter from the editor.

An issue fully dedicated to the most wonderful time of the year is exactly what came to my mind as soon as I realized that the launch issue of Lifestylepop was going to be in December. I aimed to create the most cliché Christmas issue that would capture the festive season in all its glory. During these dire times, my aim was to spread cheer and joy, and share the miracle of the written word.

This Christmas on many levels is more special than the previous. The devastating losses our society has experienced in the last few years has been hard on all of us, and if last year we faced deep uncertainty during the holidays, this year many have come to terms with the new realities that we have now accepted as a society. As we reflect on the past events, more than ever we must spread love and hope. The hope that soon we will overcome the difficulties and reign our lives once again. For our children who are growing up in not only uncertainty but complete chaos that is threatening any sense of routine that is necessary for their upbringing, it is most important to present the younger generations with the possibility of stability. It is the old-school ways we are all thirsty for in these indefinite circumstances the global pandemic has brought on us. The young adults and students who have had to brace themselves for countless lockdowns in complete solitude will more than ever require time spent around the warmth of care from friends and family in the most traditional customs.

My December speaks for itself so I would like to wish my readers strength, patience, understanding and kindness this Christmas. I wish for every single one of you to have a safe place to spend this magical holiday in union with your peers. In times that everything is working against us and trying to separate and divide our society, I wish unity upon us all. Enjoy your festive Lifestylepop and Merry Christmas! xxx