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November 30, 2021 BY: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lenush Lebedeva

Letter from the editor

November is often associated with fresh damp air and wet pavements as one walks home in the dusk, with streetlamps already on, sensing the smell of rain and golden leaves stuck onto the road. The somewhat cold weather allows a trench or light jacket to keep warm while each exhale already embraces the cool air with a light fume. Oh, how I love this time of the year in a big City like London or Geneva where I can actually live this description with my Starbucks in one hand, walking through Berkeley square, and clutching my little
Hermes umbrella in the other in case it rains, or enjoy a coffee sitting outside on the corner of the Hotel des Bergues, watching busy shoppers strolling over the via Pont du Mont-Blanc carrying their designer bags dressed in capes and leather pants. On one hand a busy month carrying connotations with school and work, on the other a loving time to enjoy family dinners at home and helping children with their homework or spending weekends with parents, reminiscing the carefree childhood once lived under their roof. November gives me a sense of stability, a sense of calm, a sense of reality and of what our lives are made of- our families, our work, our homes.

The beauty of stability is in the established routines that are followed through, for both our children and for ourselves, whether it is our fitness goals and practices, or our regularly kept beauty appointments and habits, it seems all of it is more doable in the fall. The steadiness of this season allows families to build their travel plans for the upcoming year, which in fact is a common practice to arrange the yearly vacation schedule in the autumn. Even, the busiest or most bourgeoisie of moms want to spruce something up in the kitchen for their little ones to eat - it can be something as small as a snack or a beautifully set dinner. It’s a time of family style comfort food and table sharing. Roasted vegetables surrounding a nice chicken or beef roast and colorful cream soups made of broccoli, sweet potato or cauliflower. The colors alone spell autumn for me, if not just for the fact that November is the month of Thanksgiving, filled with a range of shades from green to orange, the season in general carries a strong overtone with brown and burgundy with a hint of gold. Sounds like I just described Hyde Park with all the yellow-orange leaves falling. Gold is a majestic color, associated with wealth.

Perhaps because the metal it is named after is one of the most expensive materials in the World, which is likely the reason gold is instantly perceived as lavish. Despite being metallic, the golden shades light up a room with a hint of yellow light which is immediately inviting and comforting. And this is what November truly is.
Despite the cold temperature and the long cold winter succeeding it, it is a warm, inviting and comforting month of noble values.

I am absolutely ecstatic that the first issue of Lifestylepop is a November one. I hope you enjoy my editorials filled with satirical stories of my travel experiences, fresh talent, and of course, beauty and style.