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Monte Carlo Rolex Masters

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

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“This is glamour, this is glory,
this is class on clay,
this is Monte-Carlo”
– Rolex Masters Slogan

 First things first, we are not sport reporters, but we can comment on anything around sport events, and are big supporters of the sports and fitness industries.

 The brilliant match between Stefanos Tsitsipas a Greek player and winner of The Rolex Tennis Masters 2021, and Alejandro Fokina, a highly skilled Spanish player with an equally promising career. However, having been at the match I must say it reminded me of the movie ‘Troy’ with Alejandro Fokina looking like Brad Pit (from far away at least) with his blonde locks, and Tsitsipas resembling Prince Edgar (played by Eric Bana) with his dark, curly hair and Greek origin… the difference here was that, barely strained Tsitispas was eating Fokina for breakfast. At the beginning of the match, Fokina looked exhausted and slightly stressed.  Some speculated that Fokina was giving up, however in the 2nd  set he picked up quite vigorously and even started leading, especially if taken into consideration that his fans were regularly stomping their feet and chanting “Foki” from the tribunes, which obviously assisted in his leg up during the 2nd set of the match before break – it was quite a spectacular change from the previously observed hands down approach, which made me even feel bad for the guy – it looked as if he had already accepted defeat. As a result, we finally started to see some sweating on Tsitsipas’s part, he finally looked like he was putting in some effort, since the beginning of the match looked like it was ‘a walk in the park’ for him. LOL By the end of the first half of the second set Tsitsipas started to become stressed, and it looked like he swore several times, it seemed the Greek Champion was overly tired and the cool, calm demeanor he started off with was deserting him. The stress was understandable since winning a second year in a row would have likely been his goal, I must admit I was secretly rooting for him. To my delight he won the second year running and I hope to watch him win again next year and every year after that, perhaps even surpassing Raphael Nadal who was the Champion of the Mont-Carlo Rolex Masters 8 years running.

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