Our favorite S&TC looks recreated

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

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The show that keeps on giving, the one and only Sex & the City. December 2021 the long-Awaited spin off from the famous show is finally to be released. ‘And just like that’ is the continuation of the Carrie Bradshaw chronicles and her soul mates Charlotte and Miranda. Since Kim Cattrall did not agree to the sequel, we are unaware of what will happen to the Most politically incorrect character of Samantha Jones, but we know we are going to love it.

At least three generations of women are known to be fans of the TV show of the century and are anticipating with utmost excitement. We have been known to have compared their Relationships to our own, to have compared their work experiences to our own, to have compared their career paths to our own and the ridiculous amounts of money they made at Mid-level positions lol. But more than anything we have most definitely, been known to have not only compared but repeated the famous outfits of the most fashionable show ever made. So much so in fact that at some point viewers argued that the show was no longer about the lives of these women, but it was about their clothes – and rightly so. Sex and the City always alluded to fashion and the outfits and styling were inspired from the beginning but somehow it was only a part of their lifestyle and just like any big city girls, the writers emphasized women’s love of shoes and fashion, especially in New York. But starting from Season 6 the show started heavily relying on the fashion aspect as it included bigger brands and exclusive items more often, and the styling was of course beyond impeccable.

Sex and the City

It was expected that when the movie was released a lot of girls and boys were dying to find out what exactly happened to Carrie and big, sure they ended up together, but did she ever Really nail him?? Especially given that at that time a woman was still supposed to nail a man By marrying him – this was more than 10 years ago to be fair! When the film hit the cinemas Of course, the plot line was fascinating, specifically the ‘jilt’ twist, but the clothes… I remember watching it at the Odeon cinema on Marble Arch, London. I was gagging at the looks Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte were wearing. I came out of the cinema,  Thinking ‘what just happened??’ Of course, like any other normal 18-year-old I started Searching and comparing my wardrobe to that of the characters of this insanely stylish Show, Patricia Field truly deserves to go down in history as one of the most impressive Stylists the World has ever seen. Hats off. It was no surprise that when Sex& the City 2 was Coming out, most fashion lovers were there for the outfits. In fact, I remember saying “I Can’t wait to see what she wears!” and it did not disappoint. Now that we are there again With ‘And just like that’ I will repeat that famed phrase – I just CANNOT wait to see the clothes!! As a tribute to the release of ‘And just like that’ we have collected and reimagined the most iconic and our favorite looks of the characters before the show hits the screens!! I hope you enjoy our selection.