Why are hampers the perfect gift for Christmas?

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

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When considering the perfect gift for Christmas, one does not need to look much further than a beautifully fixed hamper. The beauty of such a gift is that it can include any number of different items not limited to just food and drink as expected and traditionally done, although you cannot go wrong with it if you’re careful. When joining friends for a Christmas party or sending congratulations, a basic box of sweets and a bottle of wine may seem impersonal, no less appreciated, however. After all it is the thought that counts, but when sending a hamper regardless big or small, with several items of the recipients favorites it becomes more than just attention – it becomes a true gift.

A hamper consisting of books and toys along with Santa and reindeer shaped chocolates, a few Christmas socks can tick the four-gift rule for any child. Something you want, something you need, something you wear and something to read. Assuming every child wants chocolate, of course. A lovely hamper consisting of the latest video game or headphones, a coffee thermos mug, a few bags of popcorn or chips and boxes of chocolate and gingerbread cookies, and of course the ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ would be an ideal hamper for any teenage resident at the house you are about to share a festival meal at.

Obviously let’s not forget the traditional Christmas hamper favorites for any adult, such as: shortbread, cheese-sticks, crackers, cookies, marmalade, chocolates, a selection of preserves, both savory and sweet, the Christmas pudding, mince pies, cranberry sauce, and various seasonings. No food hamper is complete without tea and coffee and if you are joining an alcohol friendly house it is always best to include a bottle of wine. I am personally a very happy recipient of any of the above. However, things can also go horribly wrong when gifting food hampers, if the person or family you are preparing a hamper for is not a close acquaintance it is best to avoid adding any food items besides perhaps tea, coffee and a small box of nut free chocolates and focus more on non-edibles. One of the worst things is the gift of food that the recipient cannot indulge in due to allergies or dietary requirements.

Anything that comes in rattan whether big or small is the perfect gift. But make sure to curate the hamper personally and include items such as socks, gloves and mittens, fridge magnets, notebooks or other stationary, board games, candles, snow globes, mugs and other items you find may be of interest to the person you are preparing the hamper for. In other words, a hamper can consist of everything and anything and it is the perfect Christmas gift as you can fill it with as much or as little as you want, just make sure they are the right items.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! xxx