Yana Klev

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

Returning to the era of the bejeweled bags Yana Klev comes in at the right time. At one point fashion turned away from the crystalized, sequined or beaded evening bags. However, the truth is that just like diamonds complete an evening gown a bejeweled bag is just as much a must. While returning to the likes of Judith Lieber who is a ‘crystalized bag’ heavy weight given wide publicity in S&TC two decades ago when Carrie Bradshaw bashed it (there is no such a thing as bad publicity), suddenly several brands are producing variations of embellished bags, particularly with crystals. Rosantica being a costume jewelry brand has produced quite a few bags in recent years specifically reminiscent of a cheaper Judith Lieber piece, especially now that the micro clutches are produced in a vast number of shapes of landmarks, fruits, glassware, and the list goes on just like Lieber’s. A popular option that even the pickiest of the fashionable crowd members have worn is the crystalized baguette bag by Benedetta Bruzziches, they do create a few other chainmail styles covered with crystals, but the focal piece of their collection is the baguette. Yes, the embellished purses are back and when it comes to ‘black tie’ they never really went anywhere to begin with, regardless of the countless brands making the embellished clutches and micro bags, one fails to find beadwork, not a bead embellished purse but a fully beaded bag with no lining. And that is when YANA KLEV emerged.

An exquisitely and intricately beaded bag graced the arm of a young woman at a party. Big enough to hold only the absolute essentials for a night out- it was without question an evening bag. Fully handmade, with an average of 1050 beads and 18-20 hours to produce this ornamental piece of wearable art. After some light cocktail conversation, it turned out that Yana Klev is a talented young small-town girl who used to make beaded pins and brooches for a living, after showing me some of the work I realized that this young woman is completely unaware that the pieces she is creating are worth top dollar. A fan of all things new, unspoiled and fresh I jumped at the opportunity to discover this beautiful young designer. Lifestylepop is happy to present YANA KLEV bags in our December issue. Just likeChristmas ornaments grace our tree, the YANA KLEV bags should grace the wrists of any self-respecting fashionista in Cyprus and beyond. Each piece is handmade and is available solely by special order, the beads are sourced outside of Cyprus so the waiting time may vary. Contact Lifestylepop to order your YANA KLEV bag.