Formula1 dinner

Pre-party dinner for Formula1

 A ‘hate it or love it’ kind of vibe is significantly present amongst the locals in Monaco during the Formula1 Grand Prix weekend.

Monaco never sleeps

Monaco never sleeps…

If you ever move to Monaco and are worried about what you will do here, rest assured, there is plenty. Monaco never sleeps…

luxury lifestyle
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Luxury lifestyle without a luxury bank account

More often, than not, one opens their insta feed and there it is: jets, cars, hotels, labels, clothes, bags and watches...

luxury properties residential
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How can luxury residential buildings stand out in a crowded market?

At a time where many cities are booming with luxury developments, new projects must go above and beyond to gain an edge over the competition and stand out.

Monaco eveningwear

Eveningwear during the ultimate ‘event’ months of Monaco”

At every step and turn there is a cocktail, event, gala or party both in Monaco and Cannes, so of course as you can imagine appearance is EVERYTHING. And it primarily starts with eveningwear..

fake labels


I mean really the number of times I have come across people wearing fake label bags, shoes, watches and more.

how should i dress for monaco

We are going to Monaco… how should I dress?

Monaco has appealed to a more accessible approach when it comes to dress code, and has been moving ahead with time, but somehow still holds the reputation of a rigid place when it comes to dress sense.

pick your scent

Pick your scent

We don’t give smells and scents enough credit. Pick your scent. Scents are at times even more important than appearance.

body scrub

How do you scrub?

Nowadays there is a wide spectrum of different choices for the male population of the world to enjoy and experiment with.

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