The beauty industry is in chaos. It does not know who to cater to, what standard to sell. As a result, the consumers are getting frustrated, because by creating a selling point for all, basically they are delivering to none. Here at Lifestylepop, we don’t sell products, and we do not sell services. We give our honest outlook on whatever we sample, in order to give it a truthful evaluation. It can be a certain mask this week and a well-advertised spa the following. Beauty includes in itself everything and anything a woman uses in her artillery to improve her overall appearance. Permanent solutions to long-term problems, little beauty hacks prior to an event, simply self-care, make up, invasive and non-invasive treatments and experiences, filters and edits, injections, lasers, massages, hairstyles, salons and stylists. You name it. Now, I have not tried everything. But I am looking forward to detailing experiences of some methods and explaining why I am against or am not yet willing to try others.

In addition to mentioning beauty industry innovations and products, we will give detailed reviews and even diaries on some products/treatments, which are sold as packages for best results. Here you can catch up on the beauty tips and hacks from beauty professionals as well as consumers.

Here we will also discuss common misconceptions, trends and common mistakes. I truly believe that beauty is much simpler than we are led to believe. I hope you love reading this content as much as I enjoy creating it. Enjoy! xxx
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