Eyes, eyes, eyes…

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

There are plenty of different therapies for the skin around the eyes out there. After all it is the most delicate area that is prone to bags, dark circles, wrinkles at any age really. Naturally the beauty industry provides countless methods to relieve us of these unwanted issues, the most popular lately being the eye patches. Lifestylepop’s beauty consultant chose four brands to review this month:

The recent arrival to Cyprus HYDRA BRIGHT GOLD EYE MASK from MZ SKIN by Dr. Maryam Zamani are surprisingly easy to use. The patches are thick with a slight powdery scent. Upon application they immediately give a cool sensation which is perfect when fighting against eyes bags. The patch naturally joins the skin and does not move which makes it very user friendly and provides a pleasant experience. Within the process the sensation of coolness increases thereby reaching the desired result and reducing the puffy under-eye immediately after use. This can be a perfect product to use after a heavy night out.

Chanel being a big player in all its endeavors also offers an amazing solution to the dark circle issue and could be a perfect addition to your beauty routine. The Chanel LE LIFT anti-wrinkle patches packaging is very comfortable and economical with a serum included inside it, so the user can regulate the amount of product used. The shape itself is ideal for any eye shape and maintains a strong cool feel throughout the entire procedure without sliding off. In conclusion it is a pleasant form of home therapy and a great remedy for dark circles under the eyes.

The Shiseido VITAL PERFECTION eye mask on the other hand was surprisingly disappointing. The package itself was extremely inconvenient for use, once opened the serum started leaking, the patches were stuck to each other thereby making it uneasy and unpleasant to handle. They did contact the skin nicely, however immediately after application the cooling effect wares off and they become warmer throughout the duration of the treatment which is just a repulsive feeling underneath one’s eyes. If the described process doesn’t bother the user, these patches did successfully smooth out the undereye wrinkles.

Margy’s Eye Contour Lift Collagen Mask despite being a product of a highly regarded skin care brand is useless. The package as with any other product by Margy’s is beautiful, and user friendly however the mask itself is nothing more than their collagen mask produced in smaller patches. The thin fabric is uneasy to handle, and it doesn’t fit well under the eyes, with the collagen fluid dripping down the face… the result however is worthy, but I would suggest buying the Face Lift Collagen Mask by Margys and achieve a much more favorable result for the entire face including the eyes, as opposed to wasting money on the Eye Mask.