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Modern society and fitness is an endless subject. Cross fit, aerobics, weightlifting, conditioning, martial arts, runners, marathons, yoga, pilates, reformer pilates, swimming, surfing, biking, horse riding the list is quite literally never-ending. Lifestylepop is a big supporter of the fitness industry and sports in general. Whether it is a featured athlete, review of a certain sport event, discourse on any physical activity, shedding light on scrutiny around specific health and fitness practices and other observations within the fitness industry, you will find it here. Despite the fact that there is a certain hype around fitness at the moment, we refuse to look at it in such primitive terms. Humans have historically always been physically active beings. Our ancestors’ lives quite literally consisted of physical activity on daily bases to survive, whether it was hunting and gathering, skinning and cooking or simply traveling whether by foot or on a horse. A physically capable individual in todays’ society is considered someone superior or more capable when in actual fact it is a natural state. So, the fact that society has rediscovered the benefits of movement is something that needs to be applauded not diminished into a trend. For all fitness enthusiasts, fit-moms, trainers and other individuals interested in what Lifestylepop and its contributors have to say about the everchanging Health & Fitness industry, and its misconceptions subscribe and enjoy your monthly dose of fitness-pop!

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