“The most beautiful thing in the World, is of course the World itself”- Wallace Stevens What better way to understand any given topic, whether it is gourmet, fashion, beauty or even fitness than to travel the World? Regardless of the destination one is sure to absorb a new culture, taste another cuisine, appreciate different fashion, and admire unexperienced beauty. Traveling the World and learning the history and embracing the nature and ways of a new Country is often enough to educate one on numerous topics. Globe hoping or making the most of staying put, Lifestylepop loves traveling in style. We want to give our readers the most honest advice regarding any new place we visit, regardless, if it is reachable by car, plane or boat. We will recommend only the best hotels, activities, restaurants’ and review them thoroughly for our readers convenience and ease of choice. Advertorial content will always be adressed to fit the specific demographic it is catered for. If a hotel is not worth the 5 stars it carries, you will read about it here.

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