Jet setter or nomad?

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

A few years ago, my lifestyle used to be a little different, and it has nothing to do with the arrival of Covid19. It was pretty much the same story – pack – unpack – repeat. One of the caregivers for my kid even once told me all we do is pack and unpack, I smirked and thought to myself “oh, you have no idea”. My husband and I rarely stayed in the same place for longer than 2-3 weeks. Life was constant travel, at some points we didn’t stay in one place for longer than 2 days, which I would deem not only appropriate but a fantastic way to spend a holiday had it been a holiday trip to a few destinations every 4 months. But no, this was our daily life. The longest we would stay in one place was a maximum of 4-5 weeks in Cyprus, another 10 days-1 week in Moscow, another 2 weeks in Monaco and another few in London (my favorite destination since it was home for 16 years) this is obviously not including holiday destinations. The above mentioned was just places we lived between. Wait for it, during those few weeks we were supposedly staying put, we would travel within those Cities to neighboring locations.

  Travel being one of the greatest luxuries life has to offer it would be pathetic to complain about it, however hopping to and from the same locations is hardly what the quotes about the importance and beauty of travel represent. I would not presume that it was acceptable to complain about the annoyance of traveling to new locations and learning about the history and customs of new cultures. Yes, I have let it slip… I said complain. In fact, the idea of writing this article came to me 6-7 months post covid during which I didn’t travel for a year and half. I read somewhere about the ‘Jet Setter’ lifestyle of attending a party in one place, then hopping on a plane and lunching with a new group of people in another and this being portrayed as the ultimate luxury lifestyle to envy. Not to mention the fact that so many aspire to this – thinking this is “it”. Yes, it is an utmost luxury to be able to travel to new places, but these people are referring mainly to London-Dubai-Mykonos-Monaco and back on repeat on a constant basis. I laughed to myself thinking that those who do end up living this way hardly find it cool or luxurious it is mainly caused by sprouted around family members and obligatory visits or work purposes, on top of the fact that the endless packing leaves one hoping that perhaps one day they can have some sense of stability by not forgetting half their stuff in one place or another. This feeling is even more augmented by the lack of control one has over their personal spaces while traveling. In the case that the homes and flats left behind are non- issues, does anyone actually believe that living out of a suitcase is what constitutes as a luxury lifestyle? Because THAT IS the reality my friends. I have mentioned previously whether on my channels or in other articles that true luxury is first and foremost comfort. Is there a person out there that truly believes that going in and out of planes and airport security, arriving to whatever accommodation (even if a presidential suite at a 5-star hotel) digging your things out of your bag in a rush to make it to dinner having forgotten half the accessories for your planned outfit, only to repeat this the next day, over and over is luxury? You are sorely mistaken. This is the lifestyle of a ‘nomad’, a homeless person who is in search of a new corner on daily basis. A great quote by the late Andre Leon Talley: “The most luxurious item is a beautiful bed and beautiful, simple sheets”. If this does not speak the utmost truth, then I don’t know what does. Yes, one can have that at any reputable hotel, but if that is where your mind took you then likely you have issues with perception. Having observed this topic and conducted my own little research on it I find that nobody who has lived this lifestyle has ever found it intriguing or inviting or comfortable for that matter. Fashion may not know of comfort, but luxury certainly does. There is no such a thing as luxury without comfort, and there is no comfort in living out of a suitcase. True travel is about education. It is about learning something new of the World that you are a part of, that you exist in. If one finds a way to incorporate regular – ‘REGULAR’ NOT CONSTANT travel into their year, which in this case means 3-4 long trips that last a week to 10 days and a few short weekend getaways, that will be the ultimate form of indulgence within travel, anything more than that is a lost person with no sense of purpose or life. I have found that most people who portray this lifestyle aren’t actually living what they are selling (like so many on Instagram), and the other half who live it are simply just lost and are in search of themselves by throwing themselves at different crowds at different destinations just to escape themselves, without realizing you cannot run away from you.