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January 6, 2022 BY: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lenush Lebedeva

Letter from the editor.

Happy New Year dear readers. January is a month of new beginnings new promises and resolutions. We all look forward to the newly begun year as it gives us a clean slate and a genuine belief that we can leave our troubles in the past. When visualizing January, I always see it as a canvas, as something white and fresh. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I grew up in cold Countries and new year’s morning carries connotations with freshly fallen snow outside my window. White is the color of peace, the color of purity and that is exactly what January is. It is a blank new page which is associated with painting a new beginning.

As difficult as 2021 may have been for all of us, I believe it gave us a sense of appreciation for what we have and the wisdom much needed in modern society to understand how much we take for granted: our freedom of speech, freedom of movement and above all - choice. It may seem it is being ripped away from us, which in many cases is not untrue, but it gives us – western, free world residents a remote awareness of the difficulties and lack of power many societies around the world experience daily, and frankly know no other way of life. When re-evaluating the significance of the minor concerns we had, they no longer seem important in our life today, however there is a perception that all the worries and issues we face are never ending but are they perhaps distracting us from the other major issues we are facing today?

I have dedicated my January issue to nature as it is 2022 and we are in the midst of climate change. We are fighting for social freedoms and financial power, that may have no meaning in a few decades if the whole World does not unite and attempt to reverse the effects of our horrendous lifestyles that have left the planet practically in ruins. This is the earth we walk on, the water we drink and the air we breathe to survive. This is not a question of choice any longer and we must start by making changes within our own daily habits and routines. I myself don’t even know where to start, but I urge those who do to guide us towards a greener and cleaner planet. This year my resolutions include reducing my use of plastic, recycling and planting a tree. I wish for my friends, family and readers to join the bandwagon for a cleaner future.