You don’t need to ski to ‘après ski’.

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

  The ski season calls all the trendy boys and girls to hot locations like Courchevel, Gstaad, St. Moritz and Val D’Iser. Of course, there are many ski resorts in Europe but somehow these few take the cake. Especially Courchevel and Gstaad are normally the top of the list for the jet set crowd. Fans of the French and Swiss alps are not limited to just celebrities, oligarchs and their offspring however, there are actual locals who like to enjoy their mountainous region, whether it is skiing, snowboarding or hiking and climbing. Yes, the no1 luxury destinations for winter holidays offer a wide specter of possibilities, however somehow individuals who are more native to Gstaad or Courchevel prefer to plan their trips around February which is in fact my personal preference too.

après ski outfit

  Now, of course I cannot be sure about this, but I have a hunch it is more to do with the crowd, rather than anything else – crowd avoidance I believe is what they call it.

  It is enough to open Instagram and search the #gstaad or #courchevel hashtag and you will likely find many familiar faces if you live anywhere in Europe. Back in the day when planning your vacation, it had a lot to do with the activities you would likely participate in and your general itinerary, whether it is procrastinating on the beach in Thailand or heli-skiing in Kamchatka. But in recent years it is more and more about following a trend rather than the genuine desire to travel and experience the world. I was amazed to find that apparently very few people who visit Gstaad and Courchevel are skiers or Snowboarders, in fact most are there for the parties and crowd. Which isn’t an issue as long as you dress for it.

après ski clothes

  Now ‘après ski’ is a term that generated in modern society regarding any post slope pastime. An après ski gluhwein, an après ski fondue, and of course the most popular – après ski fashion. An expression so widely used in fact, that brands and online stores have entire categories and capsules dedicated to it. Quite regularly luxury fashion brands collaborate with high end technical snow wear brands to produce the most coveted pieces for the loaded jet setters making their way onto the alps.  

 Dior, Gucci, Chloe and countless other brands have either produced technical snow-wear or collaborated on a capsule collection. Chanel, Balmain, and Prada regularly produce ski suits and other snow gear and garments. Dior made probably the most popular capsule winter collection of 2021/22 ski season, you could see fashionistas and Billionaire girl-bosses dressed in the Christian Dior cream, red and navy turtlenecks, shearling jackets and of course the epic monogram snow boots and ski suits. They produced countless thermal jumpsuits, gloves and other necessities but unlike Cordova, Fusalp or Moncler in my opinion is more après ski than ski – not to bash the luxury fashion houses which regularly produce ski wear such as Fendi or Chanel as they produce high end technical product. 

après ski outfit

  One of my favorite collabs this year was Chloe and Moon boots. Being a longtime Moon Boots fan and having had them in many different colors and styles, I was completely obsessed with the short Chloe moonboots in brown leather and knitted wool they used in their ready to wear collections. The brand produced two variations in a deeper brown and a lighter camel tone and it perfectly matches with their ready to wear knitted sweater and pants – this would make a perfectly put together outfit for a casual lunch in the mountains. As a result of the massive market for après ski garments they are sold out within minutes, especially if it is a debut collection like the Dioralps capsule, especially an exclusive piece. Miu Miu also showcased snow-wear full looks in their F/W 21 shows which models walked through snow-capped mountains in which took everyone’s breath away. So, you do not need to be an expert skier or ski at all in order to travel to mountainous resorts, it is enough to be an expert fashionista with the latest après ski collections in your luggage. But you already knew that! 🙂 xx

après ski look

On the model:

Look 1: 

1. Quilted nylon jacket and pants Miu Miu , KULT BOUTIQUE 
2. Padded nylon booties Miu Miu , KULT BOUTIQUE 
3. Jacquard superfine wool sweated and bag Prada , KULT BOUTIQUE 
4. Scarf in mohair and wool LOEWE 
5. Helmet – personal collection.  

Look 2:

1. Cashmere and wool blend sweater and pants Chloe , AMICCI
2. Leather and wool – blend snow boots , Chloe + Moon Boots , AMICCI STUDIO
3. Belt bag Stella McCartney, AMICCI 
4. Shearling-trimed down jacket  Yve Salomon , AMICCI
5. Knitted balaclava and shearing baseball cup , H&M 
6. Limited edition sunglasses Chrome hearts , FIRST BOUTIQUE 

Look 3:

1. Christian Dior Alps bomber jacket shearling and Lambskin – personal collection
2. Technical fabric ski pants , BOGNER – personal collection
3. Wool beanie with pom pom , MONCLER – personal collection
4. Ski googles Celine , X-EYES – personal collection
5. Crochet long scarf , A.W.A.K.E. – personal collection
6. Gloves Moncler , CARA 
7. Christian Dior Alps snow anklet boots – personal collection

Look 4:

1. Boucle effect short down jacket Moncler , CARA 
2. Zip up cardigan 1017 Alyx 9SM ,CARA
3. Ski pants and belt bag Moncler , CARA 
4. ski googles Chrome Hearts , FIRST BOUTIQUE 
5. Snow boots , BOGNER – personal collection