Valentine’s Day Favourites

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

Roses are red and violets are blue – a statement I never quite understood until I started researching this article. Turns out it’s a love song by Jon Caryl. Why is Valentine’s Day associated with love and romance? Legend has it that in ancient Rome a certain Emperor believed that soldiers performed better if single and decided to ban marriages amongst young men, which led a Saint name Valentine to marry the young romantics in secret, thereby earning the ire of the emperor which resulted in his beheading. Sounds dramatic but the truth is nobody really knows what the actual origin of the widely commercialized day of love is, even though there are a few theories. The most important is what we are left with and that is a holiday that is all about red and pink heart-shaped balloons, flowers, and of course lingerie. Everyone knows this day is a marketing ploy for large corporations and department stores. Those special dates in romantic venues, perfectly decorated in red and pink petals, of course, the Valentines packages sold at salons and spas to pamper yourself before the big night. Need I mention the florists?? And of course, let’s not forget the grocery stores.

  Valentine’s day is likely to sell more strawberries and chocolates than any other day of the year. I for one am a big fan of the chocolate covered strawberry any day of the year but on Valentines, it is a must! Darn it! Did I start with dessert?? Well so be it… since most of us are likely to be staying in for Valentine’s Day – escaping large quantities of people means avoiding theatres, restaurants, concerts and piano bars (a personal favorite for V DAY), this of course calls for ideas on how to make V Day special at home if you are in a relationship.

  I for one like to keep V Day dinner light since normally it should be continued with some heavy bedroom action, so opting for fish and salad is preferable. A romantic choice is a seabass millefeuille with some steamed artichokes on the side or a light pasta dish is always a winner, especially if served with black caviar it makes for an impressive, yet, light and easy main course option. The pasta should be cooked ‘al dente’ sprinkled lightly with olive oil and a tablespoon of black caviar on top. Easy, simple and decadent. In fact, since Valentine’s Day calls for champagne, it is the perfect meal as caviar complements champagne perfectly and vice versa.

  Of course, one must not forget the Valentine’s Day MUST – red velvet cake. Make sure to buy a heart shaped cake tin along with the red food coloring. This is a good pick me up for post-bedroom fun. Let’s hope you work up an appetite.

  Food and chocolates aren’t the only V Day favorites. One must not forget all the other sensual activities that make yourself and your special someone feel special. A candle lit bath with rose petals and rose scented bath oil can be a beautiful way to spend an evening and is a less messy alternative to the typical bubble bath – trust me small ways of showing affection go a long way, even if it is to yourself. Whether sharing this bath with your other half or enjoying it by yourself, it can be an equally pleasing pastime for Valentine’s Day, you do not have to be in relationship to get yourself a special treat. Throw in a glass, or bottle (or a few) of champagne and you have got yourself the perfect Valentine’s delight. Happy Valentine’s Day! xx