Bringing sexy back…

By: Editor-in-chief Lenush Lebedeva

  Just like Justin Timberlake sang in his hit song – we’re bringing sexy back. Street fashion and oversized jeans and hoodies are great and have a place in our hearts, but the ridiculous notion that ‘the covid look’ is the height of fashion right now is not only tiring but quite frankly annoying.

  Stylish and creative does not mean looking like a clown with everything oversized and colorful piled on top of each other. In fact, I just recently stated that throwing random garments together, hoping for it to work and style itself out is not fashion, it needs to be THOUGHT THROUGH (this can work for daily wear at times but even then some thought is necessary to reach a certain aesthetic), and it is not aesthetically pleasing either, even if half the World is wearing it – half the World is not a fashion editor or designer so why follow??

 Monochromes, classic cuts, pointed or round toe delicate pumps or satin boots with silk or embroidered dresses is what I miss, and I am sure many of you are with me on this. If a shoe is not PVC or latex, it seems nobody is interested. Have we forgotten the likes of Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik? Next thing we know these supposed “style queens” will write off Birkins and Kellys (if not for their resale value). It is not sexy to see ones squeezed toes in a pointed plastic/rubber shoe – in fact the only time I would deem the PVC shoe acceptable is if it were produced using 100% recycled material.

bringing sexy back
bringing sexy back
bringing sexy back

  Ok, enough bashing I actually wear some of these things myself (not the PVC shoes), but I also enjoy a more classic, clean cut and frankly respectable look that does not scream I just rolled out of bed – even if that was the goal of the personal styling concept lol.

  Covid 19 has affected our lives in many ways, starting with the tech industry booming more than ever before (who knew it was possible, right?), to an entirely new financial system emerging and of course the new fashion trends working from home and isolation regimes brought on us. On countless occasions one would hear statements such as: why buy evening wear and heels, there is nowhere to wear it anyways, no events, no parties and even if you do enjoy a night out most likely it will be in the earlier hours due to the many curfews in place. Now as the restrictions subsided the publics dress code habits didn’t. Consumers cannot be blamed for this outcome as the entire point of consumerism is to buy what they are told, but in fact the brands whether high fashion or contemporary continue producing the loose, baggy styles. It is a vicious cycle. Some claim the result is correlated with the ‘new money – crypto millionaires’ but funnily they are also consumers. It does however in my opinion have a connection with the pandemic. As I have described in my ‘All things 80’s’ article about the power of bright neon shades during dire circumstances, the same way this could be viewed as brands and artists attempting to give comfort to society by telling them ‘You can relax’. Mad notion? Perhaps? But somehow it immediately allows the chips to fall into place. In a World of constant stress due to the unforeseeable future, people have been given a leeway in the manner they dress, which subconsciously gives them a sense of calm. Now I get it from a psychological point of view, but aesthetically it baffles me. Sure, I enjoy my Maison Margiela wide leg jeans or Balenciaga triple S sneakers (if you can call them that) but does this supposed street style really spell FASHION? Tailored pants, high heels, dresses and corsets. Enough with the baggy jeans and gigantic sneakers or punk rock boots. This Valentines we are bringing sexy back!

valentine sexy back
sexy back

 For the most romantic night of the year go for a classic clean-cut look – go for lace and silk, deep red and pink shades – burgundy, purple, pale pink. And of course, if staying home with your other half invest in nipple tassels and a thong. Happy Valentines Day friends! xxx