Yana Klev

Returning to the era of the bejeweled bags Yana Klev comes in at the right time. At one point fashion turned away from the crystalized, sequined or beaded evening bags.

Featured Articles

Eleni Foureira – a force to be reckoned with

Upon meeting Eleni I was immediately taken with her soft yet powerful demeanor. Friendly yet statuesque


Why are hampers the perfect gift for Christmas?

When considering the perfect gift for Christmas, one does not need to look much further than a beautifully fixed hamper.


New Years Eve: Gown or cocktail?

Sequins?? That’s so cliché… feathers and lace come out to play. Short or long, is the question that arises 2-3 weeks prior to New Year’s Eve, yearly.


Gourmet: Holiday drinks

Santa Clause is coming to town and so are we with our hot cocktail list…


My Christmas table

Cranberry napkin rings, perfectly matched to a gold serviette on top of Villeroy & Boch toys delight plates in a duo of shapes in red, white and green.


Eyes, eyes, eyes…

There are plenty of different therapies for the skin around the eyes out there. After all it is the most delicate area that is prone to bags, dark circles, wrinkles at any age really.


Travel: Christmas in the big city…

No not New York… somehow whenever thinking of the perfect destination for Christmas, the first thought is always a ski or beach resort.

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